NXTchain (layer 1) is now live!

If you missed early ETH or BNB you need to check out NXTchain

If you all are tired of P&Ds, jeets, and rug pulls and came to the meme side because eth and bnb are way to expensive for huge gains then get in on NXTchain

NXT Technologies Inc. is a layer one permissioned blockchain company that is creating a global decentralized validator node ecosystem that will work directly with enterprise solutions, small business and WEB 3.

Proof of Authority Passive Income for Nodes 500-1000 TPS Doxxed Team CEX Listings Utility from Day 1


TG: NXTtechnologies

Website: https://www.nxttechnologies.io/

Whitepaper: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/63359cd4af32d9127c96c950/635682a249d4c752821a8dd8_NXT_WhitePaper.pdf

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