Dear community, $MSMI just relaunched.

We found a bug in our V1 contract and immediately decided to launch a V2 with a smooth new contract.

Big things are in the pipeline and we expect exponential growth from here on.

#MSMIARMY will conquer all.

Devs are legit af, and the support is absolutely insane in TG! Id trust this dev with my life and my wife! I wish he was my wife's boyfriend.
Non-stop marketing out of Dev's own wallet!
Liquidity is locked for the next 6 months and liquidity-market cap ratio is off the charts!
Devs ran into some troubles with their version 1 and decided to relaunch for version 2 after fixing everything, they refunded everyone who stayed in and hodl'ed like true chads. everything is perfect now!
Added to most popular public WL on CMC ( 160k followers)


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