this is a post about , a now defunct crypto scam by Iakov “Trevor” Levin, Ilya Letunov and others (the team page was scrubbed clean when they stole funds, but the internet doesn’t forget – )

You may have heard from Iakov (an admitted liar) or various media outlets that parroted his lies, but his claimed losses of our funds have been anything but proven and now we are left with little recourse but to organize civil and criminal proceedings against these thieves.

the /r/midas_community sub is moderated by midas employees (aka thieves) and was, next to their discord, the best resource for communicating with users and getting info about the platform (scam).

Since stealing our funds /u/midastrevor and /u/arsenfirst have locked the subreddit and discord and have been incommunicado/inactive for nearly a month now. if the reddit admins allow crypto scammers to continue running their socials on here, they are de facto assisting fraudsters evade justice and continually disenfranchise their victims.

Since there is no sub regarding this subject with higher visibility than this one, and the Midas subreddit is restricted to mods only (who never post anymore), I’m using this post to call on Reddit to remove those mods

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