Meta Token

The first token to combine all successful features from other tokens into one.

Not only does META have amazing features for the community to make money on, but it also has real utility & use case. As the world transfers into the MetaVerse, our projects vision is to become the payment system in all virtual games. We are stepping foot into a multi-billion, every growing industry where our team has a clear vision & goal. We want to turn META from a low-cap token, into a globally adopted & worldwide known project.

The $META Token was inspired by Facebook and there change to transfer into the MetaVerse. This gave our team an idea, 'What if we create a token that can be used to purchase items in the virtual world?' So, we created $META!

​This is our future vision and utility, to become a worldwide adopted virtual currency in the digital/MetaVerse world.

Designed to easily recover from any dips, make our charts pump and reward holders via BNB. While also providing stability and marketing funds for developeers!

13% Buy Tax:
– 5% to BuyBacks + Burns
– 5% to BNB Rewards
– 2% to Liquidity
– 1% to Marketing

16% Sell Tax:
– Extra 3% – 1.5% To BuyBacks + Burns 1.5% To BNB Rewards

Key features:

– Real Utility & Use Case

– Buy-Backs

– Token Burns

– BNB Rewards

– Mega Marketing EveryWhere

– Completely Fair Launch

– Great Tokenomics

– Experienced Team

Fair Launch November 7th at 18:00 UTC. No pre-sale. No Aidrop. No Whitelisting. No Bots.

Contract will be released 30 seconds before launch to prevent bots from sniping it. Multiple safety features will be in place to prevent a honeypot/rug.

Our official website :

Telegram :

Twitter :

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