Why invest in Memento?

  1. Active team of developers and artists
  2. Founder who specializes in online marketing
  3. Support from major Asian whale groups and influencers
  4. Support your favorite creators indirectly
  5. 150,000 starting market cap

Our Purpose

This project was created to aid aspiring content creators pave their way to success on YouTube, Twitch, and other content creation platforms by supporting content creators purchase better equipment, or even upgrade their entire setup!

Memento's Tokenomics

  1. 3% Marketing Fund
  2. 3% Creator Fund
  3. 2% Development Fund
  4. 1% Locked Liquidity (1 year)

Marketing Plans

  1. Asian whale groups are ready to support us long term. They've helped grow other major tokens that are currently out right now to hundreds of millions in market cap (Can be verified).
  2. Influencers of all sizes (Min 2k & Max 1.1mil) ready to support us (Can be verified).
  3. Artists ready to make banners and more to advertise on websites such as Poocoin (And others I will not mention. We wish to stay ahead of the competition. Said sites aside from Poocoin and a few others have yet to be used much.

Development Plans

  1. Mobile wallet (In works)
  2. Memento Swap (Future)
  3. Major website upgrade (Soon)
  4. Actual game (No NFT nonsense)

Other Information

  1. 55% of public presale will be used for liquidity. 20% of supply will be burnt.
  2. We are currently audited and working on getting 2 audits done
  3. The founder has been programming for over 6 years now (Java, C++, etc.)

Join our Telegram now if you're interested in participating in our launch:


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