➡️Contract (PCS, BSC): 0x6e1f76017024baf9dc52a796dc4e5ae3110005c2


➡️Reward & tax: 5% BUSD reward, 1% prize pool (weekly prize draw), 2% liquidity, 2% marketing








✔️Tokenomics: 5B FACTORY, 5% BUSD rewards, 2% liquidity, 2% marketing, 1% prize pool (weekly prize draw)

✔️Work: Crypto services for all your needs

✔️Play: Try your luck in our casino or enter our weekly lottery

✔️Earn: Staking/farming, swap between tokens, and check our recruitment opportunities


Memecoin Factory brings together a group of professional business people who have been operating in the cryptocurrency space. We have a range of skills in our core team ranging from project management, block development, marketing, graphics design, analysis, and more!

Work launchpad?

?Creation service for your crypto projects

?Self Listing

?Marketing packages

?Additional services

Build your own token with the help of our experts.

Try your luck in our fair casino and enter the lottery while holding. Log into our earning service and gain access to staking and farming through our pools.

Technical breakdown??‍?

➡️Initial supply: 5B FACTORY

➡️Dev wallet: 5%

➡️ICO: 218.18 BNB: 763,657,265 tokens distributed – 465,642,635 unsold ICO tokens burned

➡️ILO: 300 BNB, 75% Liquidity, completely filled in 10 seconds on Unicrypt, locked

➡️Initial burn: 1,839,200,100 burned

➡️Total burn: 2,304,842,735 FACTORY burned (46% of supply)

➡️Live on PCS, contract (BSC): 0x6e1f76017024baf9dc52a796dc4e5ae3110005c2

All the funds gather from the ICO and ILO are being used for the development and marketing of the project and platform. We believe that people who work deserve to be paid, we aim for a professional and healthy environment for the project and the people who will join us!

Marketing ?

➡️Social media

➡️Shilling services

➡️Banner ads

➡️Telegram marketing


In addition, we are considering creative ways to reward our community members efforts for promoting. We are aiming to create a self-sustaining marketing thanks to our 2% marketing fees on each transaction.


? Website:

? Discord:

? TG:

?Reddit: r/MemecoinFactory/

? Twitter: @MemecoinF

? FB:

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