$MANGO – MangoTheKitten

Hey, I’m $MANGO! People tell me I’m a CAMERA-CRAVING CAT with CHRONIC ANGER ISSUES, but I tell them I’m just a KITTEN!

Launch on Solana. (This is where all the cool kids are)

$MANGO will launch through Pump.Fun on Monday at 4pm UTC.

Hefty marketing plan from dex ads to sol trending to callers to potential listings and everything else you can ask for. (We’re a big boy team, we don’t mess around)

Dev wallet will hold a small amount of supply around 5%, most of it will be burnt live in VC at certain milestones.

The narrative behind $Mango is the popular TikTok cat @MangoTheKitten_ with over 500k followers on the platform. This token idea has never been used before so its as original as it gets.

The team at $MANGO are very well versed in community building and the memecoin market, we’ve working with countless teams that have reached Multimillions.



-Website Launch: Ensure the website is fully functional, user-friendly, and informative. -Art/Memes: Prepare a collection of engaging and shareable art and memes. -Contact Sol Influencers: Secure partnerships and promotional commitments to build hype.


-Launch through Pump fun on Monday at 4pm utc. Coordinate the launch event with Pump.Fun. -Giveaways: use giveaways to boost community engagement and visibility. -MEMES Competition: Launch a memes competition to encourage community participation.


-Dex Update: Implement updates to the decentralized exchange (Dex) platform to enhance functionality and user experience. -Supply Burns on Different Milestones: Execute supply burns at key project milestones to manage token supply. -Sol Trending: Leverage strategies to get the project trending on Solana-related platforms.


-MoonTok Listing: Secure a listing on MoonTok to reach a broader audience. -Dexscreener Trending: Aim to get the project trending on Dexscreener. -Key Opinion Leaders: Collaborate with KOLs to amplify the project’s reach. -Twitter Raids: Use coordinated efforts to amplify the project’s presence on social media.


Website: https://mangothekitten.com/

Twitter: https://x.com/MangoOn_Solana

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