LunarCrush is a great project! It helps to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions across coins, defi, NFTs and more by harnessing the power of real-time social insights and crypto market influencers.

LunarCrush collects activity across social media for bitcoin, thousands of altcoins, crypto exchanges, influencers and more, in real-time every single day and distills it all into bitesize, digestible data.

Airdrop: sign up with your email and connect your twitter account. You earn points and every 24 hours your points get converted to LUNR. When you hit the threshold, you can cash out your LUNR immediately.

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More info:

Collecting points is very easy:

– Sign up: 25 points

– Add Holdings(just fill in an amount of any coin you have, for example 2 ETH): 25 points

– Add first alert(just click alert for any coin your interested in following, price movements for that coin will show up on your feed): 25 points

– Connect your twitter account: 25 points

This is what you collect immediately when signing up and will convert to a nice amount of LUNR after 24 hours, depending in how many points are scored every day.

But you can collect more points in various easy ways everyday and see them converted to LUNR once every 24 hours:

– Daily sign in, daily activity(read crypto news, posts from influencers, etc, etc), share posts from the site to your twitter(simple in 1 click), and then more points when people on twitter read/click on the article you tweeted, referring, etc, etc.

Also, you get multipliers X your earned amount of LUNR when you build up streaks:

– Multiplier grows everyday, the longer you sign in everyday.

– Multiplier grows the more posts you share from the app to twitter and also when people click on them.

– Multipliers grows when you score referrals.

– All mutipliers mutiply eachother!

This all adds up very quickly and beside the nice amount when you sign up, you can collect a nice amount everyday! And earn a couple of hundred bucks per week!

I would appreciate it if you'd use my link:

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