Guys it was hard last week letting go for me too. I sold for a -3k loss and put what I had into FFIE and made 300k. I’m reaching out to you guys not to hurt your feelings, I’m telling you guys to just get off your seat in crypto even for two days only and make a win for you and your moral. it will pick up your moral in investing, looking at your 500 turn into 1000 and 5000 hit 10000 and so on. I was tired of waking up to red or seeing no action but dios for three months. The blast off and the rocket and the moon it’s on FFIE at lest for now. Easy easy decision to people who want to make a quick buck. And then guess what you can come back and take a seat back into dogecoin with more money to put into it. who knows maybe that’s what would fill the rocket boosters for lift off or whatever . 🤷‍♂️ but yeah hope we all see green. 🙏

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