Did you know if you have friends you can earn a decent amount of freebies! As we all know Cex host refferal events to make special occasions more exciting and rewarding with huge reward pools.

We have this chance once again as Mexc has brought a Refferal event in the occasion of Mexc x Qatar world cup 2022. They have a huge reward pool of 55,420,716,301,393 $FWC tokens. You can share this reward pool by inviting your friends to Mexc and trade a minimum volume of 300 usdt and hold a minimum of 100$ to be eligible for this reward pool. 22,168,286,520,557 $FWC is for the inviters and 33,252,429,780,836 $FWC for the invitees as a reward pool, so a win win for both inviters and invitees. So let’s make this Qatar world cup season more exciting by inviting our friends.

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