We are living through one of the most coordinated attacks on crypto in history, combined with black swan after black swan.

This is chaos. It’s not just crypto this time, it’s the entire economy. We are in a time of complete uncertainty and we have no idea how bad this will get and when it will end.

Times like these can be hard on mental health and I think it’s important that we check in with each other.

So I wanted to ask:

How is everybody doing?

Remember to reach out if you’re struggling. There are plenty of great people in this online community and in your “real life” who would be happy to talk.

Here is a list of what’s going on.

  • High inflation
  • FTX crash
  • Regulation Uncertainty
  • Mt. GOX – Potential dump
  • Silvergate Bank.
  • Ethereum Upgrade + Release of staked Ether.
  • War in Ukraine
  • Biden Budget
  • Current state of economy.
  • Silicon Valley bank
  • The Fed increasing rates (maybe)
  • Job market still hot
  • Expedited fed meeting
  • USDC depeg.
  • Recession becoming more likely.

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