Let’s imagine a project with pays it’s last holders for buying the token… It’s here!!!

Look how the logic works!

  • If no further purchase transaction of a minimum of $1 occurs within the next 30 minutes, the Leprechaun smart contract will automatically distribute 3.0197 BNB accumulated in the Treasure Pot among the last 10 buyers.
  • If the total prize in the pot exceeds 10BNB, the timer will change to 60 seconds. The minimum purchase will be $2 and the prize will be shared by the last 100 buyers

  • TOP 1: 50% of the pot.

  • TOP 2: 20% of the pot.

  • TOP 3: 10% of the pot.

  • The remaining 20% will be divided among the last 97 buyers.

Treasure Pot can increase even to $400,000,000!


  • 70% of the BNB from the Fairlaunch will be added to the LP. 10% will go to the initial prize pool, and 20% will go to marketing.
  • LP is locked for 365250 days (1000 years) using PinkLock.
  • Three low allocation bags locked in vesting for 3 months.70%


  • Mcap at the moment 120k$ (growing every day)
  • 166% growth within 24 hours
  • Each day new 100 holders
  • Over 350 people on telegram and more to come!


We’re waiting for you, join the army!

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