League of Ancients is beyond any doubt going to become the biggest NFT game ever to hit the Defi space. ☄️A Massive Online Battle Arena game inspired by greats the likes of League of Legends and Dota2, LOA is being lovingly and painstakingly created on the BSC by a dedicated team of huge MOBA fans and tec experts. 👨‍💻

The gaming community is already buzzing about LOA and word of mouth hype has spread it like WILDFIRE 🔥 Already there are 36k members on Telegram and 19k on Discord and this number is growing rapidly every single day! The good news is that if you are reading this, you are still VERY early because the party hasn’t even started yet! 🥳

The $LOA Token that will weave through and support the game will launched at the end of the end of November. Whitelist presale spots are being rolled out for those who help promote the incredible project, so be sure to get involved! 🙌🏽

But why should you get involved? Here’s what makes the LOA special:

🎮 Free to Play (No expensive entry point)

🎮 Play to Earn (Earn $LOA just by playing)

🎮 No Play to Win (Cosmetic Upgrades Only)

🎮 NFT Skins (Buying NFT skins allows you access to a higher earning mode of the game)

🎮 NFT Marketplace (Buy, sell and swap skins for your avatar with other players)

🎮 Fusion (The best feature yet – fuse skins together to create rarer ones. The most rare versions will earn you serious crypto when you play!)

🎮 Secret Metaverse partnership with highly successful Monsta Infinite just announced!

League of Ancients isn’t just some basic NFT game with poor mechanics designed to generate a quick buck. 🛑This is a hardcore and visionary project made by true fans of the genre, who are experts in both gaming and crypto.

Go check out the stunning website and read the painstakingly created white-paper and you’ll see just how serious these guys are. Or read the amazing Medium feature article on them. Or just head to the TG or Discord groups to see how insanely hype everyone is about this project. 🔥

This is beyond any doubt going to become one of, if not THE the most popular games to EVER be released in the crypto world. The rocket is leaving with or without you.

Will you be onboard? 🚀

They will be starting their First Pre-sale anytime soon: www.leagueofancients.com/presale

Social links:

👾 Discord: https://discord.gg/6QnGKNZW

👾 Telegram: https://t.me/leagueofancients

👾 website: https://www.leagueofancients.com/

👾 Twitter: https://twitter.com/loaofficialmoba?s=11

👾 Medium Article: https://pandemonian1.medium.com/how-league-of-ancients-is-poised-to-become-the-next-powerhouse-of-cryptocurrency-games-1a88ff70148a

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