Art NFT project in space, giving the opportunity for people to buy an NFT that was first

Displayed to the world in open SPACE.

$MONSTA has recently partnered up with ProjectOasis, that is developing its own cute 2D

Retro multi-chain P2E metaverse. Each Monsta Party NFT holder will be able to move around

The OASIS metaverse with their own uniquely generated 2D Monsta sprite, and interact with

The $MONSTA protocol, MP App, and other collaborating DeFi projects.

Monsta Party is a unique collection of 10,000 playable NFTs that allow holders to earn

$MONSTA dividends and eventually even physical rewards! With millions of possible

Combinations, the Monsta Party NFT collection includes more than 150 custom properties

(e.g., headpieces, glasses, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, etc.), more than 20 super rare

NFTs, and approximately 10 animated deluxe properties!

Monsta Party NFT holders can team up, complete quests together and play mini-games to

Earn party experience points (PXP) and receive dividend rewards based on their

Corresponding NFT level. Dividends are generated by so-called “feeds” via the Monsta Party

Dashboard. Holders will battle for the best spots on the NFT leaderboards while being

İncentivized to earn as much PXP as possible. The greater your PXP and Party Monsta

Level, the greater your dividend rewards!

NFT minting will begin immediately following the launch!

The last Medium article has more info about Monsta Party, minting price, quantity limits, and


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