Imagine your crypto portfolio’s growth directly translates to benefitting the world around you. That’s what Twiggy Token is crafting. Twiggy Token isn’t only about the crypto game; but also making each investment aid in the REAL, DEMONSTRABLE, tangible growth for wildlife and natural systems.

All while developing a story world where our main protagonists are grossly inappropriate druids who hate pants.

LAUNCHING @ 5pm UTC 20th May on UniSwap



LP Locked

Mint Revoked

One of a kind Marketing Plan



There’s a few ways that this project aims to create value:

🍀Charity: The project will be using proceeds to restore degraded and lost habitats, and protect natural systems.

This will allow us to be featured in charity organisation communities as a partner. It will also spread the project outside the traditional crypto audience.

🍀Meme-ness: Twiggy is a weird and inappropriate druid who doesn’t give a shit. Over the coming days you’ll begin to see more of his personality and the art associated with him.

As people get to know Twiggy and other characters, his uniqueness will bring in some attention from it being different to the usual cat/dog meme tokens we see everyday.

Animation: We are in the process of developing a Twiggy Token animation. Think Rick and Morty meets Final Space. Our experience in the film and television industry will aid in pushing it to the outside world.

Having an animation that functions and gains attention in the outside world will bring more eyes and more investors to Twiggy Token. This is a big part of the projects success.


Welcome to Twiggy Token. 🚀

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