Last chance to buy USDC under $1.00 - we may never see these prices again

USDC depegged on Friday due to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) concerning circle and the USDC cash reserves it held in Silicon Valley Bank.

USDC dropped to a low of $0.87 on some exchanges, brave investors confident in USDC and Circle bought the dip of a stable coin that had depegged hoping to gain and easy 13% profit.

After Circle announced that it would cover any funds lost with corporate reserves the peg of USDC started going back up as more people bought.

USDC is currently at $0.98 so you still have a chance to make a 2% in profit (not financial advice)


Edit: It’s now at $0.97 (again not financial advice)

Edit-2: It’s now at $0.9664 (abandon all hope)

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