As you probably have recently seen, $KENDU has been trending all over the place and maybe you ask yourself why is this happening and is it too late for you to join the pack?

Why is this happening? Because of a crazy and united community with the sole purpose of putting $KENDU on the lips of every crypto investor. Featured in the $SHIB magazine, this rabid dog has smashed ATH after ATH on a regular.

Is it too late? Hell nah. This is just the beginning. Only this weekend we were testing 150mil market cap at 6000 holders. Just a few days later we’re breaking 250mil market cap and approaching 10.000 holders. Don’t miss out and join our telegram group.

We have gotten this far without any paid promotions or CEX listing, just pure community spirit. It’s simply a matter of time until they notice our 20 milion trading volume and decide to chase our clout. UPDATE: Bitmart listing announced

Today, people call us another coin like $SHIB. Soon they will say we’re everything $SHIB could’ve been and more.


Don’t take my word for it. Always DYOR and join the Telegram group chat for a taste of this community with a $KENDU mindset.

Update: there’s a sweet discount going on right now, don’t miss this opportunity.

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