Hello everyone.

After years of neglecting crypto i finally decided it was about time to invest into it.

Long story short i made some decent money back in Counter Strike skins days, i also have a banking law degree but i have no clue about crypto, all my investments now are pretty much non digital.

I bought some Bitcoin on Binance, been converting to BNB and FDUSD in order to make some stackings but thats just it..everytime i try to learn more i get confronted by very specific terms that i have no clue about, i try to learn more but i noticed 99% of info/videos are just people pumping cryptos they already bought.

From what i could see so far AI coins are the next big thing, however people talk about different platforms, different tokens, projects and stuff “i dont even know what i dont know” if you know what i mean…

Some coins are not even in Binance or any other platform yet ? somehow people manage to have them in another platforms before they explode ? Whats the best platform to get “fresh cryptos” ?

I have good knowlage on conventional money but this all seems very confusing to me, i understand its a very volatile market, but i like the risk.

Could you guys recomend some good videos/platforms where i can learn about this in the right way ? Or even some sort of crypto trackers where i can have an idea in what to invest in the short term ? I have no intentions in being a day trader, but i dont even know some good websites for crypto news or crypto callers

Also not sure if this is the right place to post this, apreciate your help (btw im european, i use Euro)

Thank you!

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