What started as a personal need ended up as a subscription-based SaaS (though this acronym is too big for my micro-site).

I have to say, lightning is a real game changer. I’m quite shocked that it’s not more widely adopted. You can get liquidity for free with many wallets and can later move to self-hosted when you get big.

I knew about it, but oh man, it’s really revealing when you send your first 5 sats, and you have an automated system that grants users some benefit (product/service/subscription). You’re suddenly able to see what’s beyond this hop.

It really opens up a whole universe of possibilities, my mind just explodes thinking about how much more resilient the economy could be if this gets widely adopted. The nice thing is it doesn’t need to be global; you can have several isolated communities, each having their members transact only within that community, and cross-community payments happen naturally over time (usually buying online services or digital products), but the key is we’ve just got another form of cash, only it’s instant, can travel the globe and no one controls it, and actually the circular nature of lightning makes it so efficient for everything, including physical goods like coffee, having a haircut etc. Pretty neat.

I encourage everyone having an idea about selling something online to read about BTCPay and setting up + linking a lightning node to it. There are third-party providers that are cheap and really help getting you started, and you can later self-host

I don’t want to turn this into an ad, so I won’t post any links to my shitty website, but I’ll happily answer any DMs. I don’t expect to profit from this, but I used it as a lever to step up my future, more serious projects

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