First, check out the WallStreetJournal article (SUPER BULLISH): News:

DAO completes first major buyback! 7 ETH of JPAW is now in the treasury, to be used by the community or even BURNED!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Community Bounties

Finally, we are excited to announce three huge community bounties.

Each bounty winner will be well compensated (sums variable depending on the quality and complexity of the submission).

The topics are:

1. Logo, Brand and Website Overhaul

As much as we all love our lil’ pup mascot, the core team feel like the time is right to investigate options for developing a more distinct and community developed logo and brand.

This presents a stellar opportunity for us to also investigate re-development of the website, so we are also accepting submissions here.

Feel free to submit for the logo + brand element without also submitting for the website portion, but applicants who can cover all bases will likely have an edge!

2. Portfolio Tracking Dapp

Linked to the above, we are also seeking submissions for those who can assist in developing tools/widgets that would allow our community to track $JPAW’s trades, NFT acquisitions and disposal and overall asset portfolio performance in real time.

Ideally, this would also come with a customised UI that (pending development of the new $JPAW brand, see above). Since our DAO operates a cross chain treasury, the portfolio tracking dAPP should be able to support: ETH, BSC, FTM, AVAX ONE, SOL and LUNA.

3. Token bridge

We want participation in the $JPAW DAO to be open to all. We are aware that Uniswap’s high gas fees are presenting a blocker to many looking to buy into the project. These fees are also not optimal from a trading volume maximisation standpoint, which is important to consider if $JPAW is to continue to generate treasury fees in the medium to long term.

As such, we are accepting submissions for development of a cross-chain token bridge and liquidity solution on a low gas side-chain of the submitter’s choice (we will leave it to you to justify why your cross-chain solution is best!)

How to Enter

To enter, please contact u/jpawinucommander or u/JPAWBone on telegram with details of your submission.

We will be closing submissions in 7 days.

Good luck and remember…





Website: https://



Subreddit: r/JPAWINU

Also: look at the DAO-led treasury!

$JPAW now listed on Coingecko, treasury keeps growing every single trade. One of the few meme coins adding any fundamental value. Very bullish to see what u/jpawinucan become over the next few months

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