iT STaRTS - SaFeMooN BuRN-SQueeZe

YOLO !!!!!

It STARTS !!!! Be a part of SaFeMooN BuRN-SQueeZe

Buy a bit or as much safemoon as you can afford.

Understand the tokenomics of Safemoon you pay 10% tax when you buy and 10% tax when you sell.Part of that % is burned and deflates Safemoon and part of it redistributed to ALL holders and part of it is injected back into the pool.The more people are buying or selling the more Safemoon is burned.

The goal is to accelerate the token burn through VOLUME.

Every purchase and sale will help reduce the multi trillion supply,.The current circulating supply is about 572 Trillion.The current price of the token is sitting around 0.000005.We are currently burning through about 100 Billion tokens/day. at this rate, It will take years to fully burn through the supply.

If we were able to bring volume to 1 billion day, which is reasonable given number of catalysts that are coming out (wallet, exchange, blockchain, etc) we would burn trillions of tokens a day and burn through the total 580T circulating supply in less than 60 days,

Demand will significantly push up the price of Safemoon to new all-time-highs to the moon and beyond


(THIS IS NOW SaFeMooN BuRN-SQueeZe, be a part of its history)

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