I managed to go from the Binance exchange to Blink wallet and from Blink to Muun and then to my On-chain address and here’s the walk through:

  1. Withdrawn 5000 sats from Binance to Blink: 100 sats in fees
  2. Sent 4975 sats from Blink wallet to Muun wallet: 25 sats in fees
  3. Sent 3800 sats to an on-chain address from Muun: 1171 sats in fees

Total fees so far: 1296 sats

I’m ok with how this turned out to be, the thing is I don’t know if I tried sending a bigger amount say 500000 sats using this stream, would it still be worth it in terms of fees payed? What do you think?

I.e: Direct on-chain withdrawal on Binance right now is 0.00012 BTC or 8.01$ while the average network tx fee is 8 sat/vB or 0.75$

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