The farming on this sub turned it into a chamber of empty posts(it’s getting better with the improvement programs but still)

I personally love Reddit for the quality of content on the platform but if karma tokenising happens, the whole site will become a karma whoring wasteland(not like it isn’t now xD) but it’d probably become worse for monetary value, potentially.

The advantage being 500million people being brought into crypto, which is a massive number, the downside is that there might be 500million shitposters.

I spend most of my free time on Reddit and enjoy spending time on Reddit but if the quality of content goes down, it might change

Moons are fine for now because they’re very much related to the r/cc sub but tokenising entire karma would be something else

Thanks for reading, I might be wrong, would love if someone told me why I’m wrong

Edit: It’s still unclear because, would karma tokenisation mean only one native token? Would that be end of moons testing?

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