Good afternoon friends! Today I came across a new exchange Coinhem , and an interesting combination on it: buying litcoin for $81 on the Binance exchange and selling on Coinhem for $92. I had 20 bucks on Binance and decided to give it a try. And I succeeded, I put lit coin on the exchange Coinhem and brought USDT to Binance, I already added 100 dollars and repeated until my account reached 140 dollars, but after that they asked me for verification. To verify the wallet, I had to make a one-time payment of 150 dollars, but I made a mistake and I got 148.5 dollars, the support told me that they couldn’t help me in any way. With this story I have a question, Is this exchange a scam? Has anyone verified on it? Please share your experience

Here is the link to the exchange

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