Greetings from Portugal.

I imagine some of us here really like gaming. As is well known, game developers take use of a fairly tiny population to make large sums of money. They achieve this by falling victim to addiction.

CEX and other investment firms are aware of this. I believe that investing in cryptocurrencies exhibits the same predatory behavior as investing in corporations.

This is being achieved by turning the entire investing process into a huge game, in which clients compete for high scores utilizing confetti animations and financial instruments to which they should not legitimately have access.

The exponential growth of online communities and the never-ending list of TikTok cryptocurrencies pickers are also to blame.

The plumbing in your home should be boring, and so should good investing. It’s crucial to have a fundamental understanding of how everything operates so that you can work quietly in the background to get the job done, or at the very least, know a decent professional who could set things up for you.

Gamifying investing also disadvantages investors by shortening their HODL periods. We all know that having a diverse portfolio is crucial for accumulating long-term wealth, but the diversity of the time horizon over which the portfolio is kept is also crucial. Putting money into both good and poor times.

People frequently make all-or-nothing bets with their investments because they are aware that everything has become unaffordable and that even the most meticulous investing strategy won’t enable them to reach their financial objectives. The only chance is that they know and are willing to take chances.

I would love to hear the community’s thoughts on this!


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