Many are hailing cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other blockchain developments as the future of the internet as we know it. The collection is often dubbed Web3.

However, as recent events have painfully demonstrated, there’s a dire lack of awareness and understanding in this nascent space. A lack of clear and accessible reporting is to be blamed as most users struggle to separate the noise from the signals. At the same time, despite the recent plunge in crypto markets, the forces of memecoins are still going strong. People’s appetite for fun and unconventional assets with explosive upsides remains insatiable.

Inuyama (YAMA) is memecoin that was launched off the inspiration of a Japanese pooch that became famous for anchoring the news on live TV in 2015. The celebrity Shiba Inu named “Shibao Inuyama” that has amassed many fans after becoming an internet sensation and starring in adverts.



Inuyama is disrupting the memecoin space by converging two opposing forces: the market’s need for insightful news in an accessible format and the growth of memecoins to fuel such a paradigm shift. The meme project has launched their first utility which is a smart telegram bot; YamaNewsBot that’s equal parts adorable and insightful.

YamaNewsBot offers a great solution and by integrating directly into social apps like Telegram, this digital canine news anchor will broadcast key insights straight to users.

The team has outlined in their roadmap that alongside the news bot, holders can expect Yama NFT & P2E game in the next coming months.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 YAMA

Contract Address: 0x2e93575c72b0aee56071536adf291eea91019c32

Slippage: 5 Percent

Security: 100 Percent Liquidity Locked

Smart Contract Audited by Solidity Finance & Contract Ownership Renounced.


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