Welcome to Secret3 DAO!

Discover the groundbreaking digital media platform that is Secret3 DAO, powered by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. In a world dominated by centralized media, Secret3 DAO stands apart with its decentralized structure and limitless potential.

How Secret3 DAO Works:

At the core of Secret3 DAO is the $SRT3 token, the driving force behind the platform. With each of the 5,000 $SRT3 tokens holding voting power within the DAO, an interactive and inclusive system is created. This pioneering initiative is led by passionate web3 enthusiasts from Singapore, the Philippines, and Lisbon, who are actively turning decentralization into a reality.

Join the DAO Community:

By becoming a part of Secret3 DAO, you gain access to a world of opportunities. As a member, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounted fees, web3 product credits, and early access to NFTs. While curated content is provided by selected editors, the “DAO” section remains open to all members, fostering the sharing of ideas and embracing diverse perspectives.

Advertising on Secret3:

Are you looking to connect with the Secret3 audience? Look no further. Advertise with us using USDT for ads, press releases, and promotional articles. Furthermore, all revenue generated, including Google AdSense, directly contributes to the DAO fund, fueling the growth of the platform.

Experience the Fair Launch:

At Secret3 DAO, we prioritize simplicity and transparency, ensuring a fair launch for the $SRT3 token. This authentic approach offers a unique web3 media platform experience, entirely managed by the DAO.


  • Name: Secret3 DAO
  • Symbol: $SRT3
  • Total Supply: 5,000
  • Tax: 0%

Join the Secret3 DAO Community: linktr.ee/secret3dao

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