Integrating KwonBlock techonology into ConeChain

ConeChain Proposal

After many hard hours working with the ConeChain team, I believe we have found a system that will allow us to upgrade ConeChain’s privacy and decentralization while preserving its security and fundamentals.

Below is a graphic that demonstrates KwonBlock technology, a novel method of creating a blockchain. The security lies in the fact that nobody knows where the blocks are, and so nobody can exploit or manipulate them.

A probabilistic graph of cone locations can be constructed in such a fashion as shown below:

Suprisingly, this graph forms a familiar shape.

This technology has many advantages over systems such as ring signatures and zero-knowledge proofs. For example, if you were to ever find a block and ask it for its cones, the cones you receive would instantly lose up to 95% of their value:

Interestingly enough, these developments come hours after Interpol released this image of Do Kwon:

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