I remember when the crypto winter of 2022 began, somewhere towards the end of Q4 2021. We would have consecutive days of red candles. BTC would fall on the daily by -1%, -3%, sometimes up to -10%. All the while, “experts” kept saying we were not in a bear market. The bear market deniers would support their statements with elaborate graphs and well researched metrics. They kept denying until we were deep into the bear market.

A similar situation is happening. BTC is having some good days of late. Green dildos galore. BTC is up 0.1%, 3%, 7%, 10% on the daily, but we have a section of crypto analysts shouting that we’re still in a bear market, and they have elaborate graphs and well researched metrics to back up their claim. Bull market deniers?

Now, I’m not saying the bear market is over. I’m also not saying it’s NOT over. You might probably want to be more alert this time. Pay attention to what’s happening before you get caught unawares.

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