Many people are currently perplexed about the utility of NFTs. Simply put, being a proud owner with bragging rights will not suffice for the vast majority of people worldwide.

NFTs can be used in games, which is one application. Many of them have already converted in-game items into tokenized assets, as evidenced by the Digital Arms example. However, you can actively trade NFTs in the same way that you would trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

For example, as an NFT lottery fan, I’m looking forward to the recently announced BillionAir NFT lottery, where who knows what we’ll all be able to do, but from what I’ve heard, you can collect all these awesome prizes and interact with other players.

Currently, you can find almost anything on these platforms, so do you like fashion? There you have it, you have a lot of that. Do you enjoy skating? There you have it, awesome NFT communities for skaters, and so on and so forth, which I think is awesome!

Aside from gaming and trading, renting NFTs, which Bulliverse allows you to do, is one of the most popular uses. As a result, asset owners can profitably rent and lease their digital assets to other players in the game.

The good news is that people are finding new applications for NFTs. What do you believe is the most practical application of NFTs?

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