USDC has lost it’s peg, this could be one of those black swan events that could collapse not only USDC, but crypto as a whole, hopefully it’s going to go back up, if it doesn’t…we are in for a rough ride, most of you will say “yeah give me cheap btc” the problem is, you won’t even buy it no matter how low it’s going to go lol

USDC dropped as low as 0.91$ and now it’s hovering around 0.93$, hopefully it’s just a flash drop, because if USDC will drop…the only alternative USDT is not convenient at all, I’d rather hold no stable coins than hold USDT ngl

For crypto’s sake we should all hope this goes back to 1$ or else…summer is going to be cold af

It really sucks for us, USDC holders who thought this is a bit safer than USDT, if it collapses first then sayonara.

What do you guys think will happen next? Doesn’t look good 😀

thanks to LongjumpingMiddle850 we just realised DAI lost the peg too

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