If you want some REAL plays, From a Man who turned 200$ into 20,000$ From a Single investment , Here is some of my Big Plays.

With all the Metaverse boom happening, ATARI is one we should all watch because its still a Low market cap ( 90 million ) and at 6 cents, hasn't Mooned yet like the rest, and they got BIG plays in SandBox. ( You Can Buy ATARI on HotBit and NO KYC is Needed )

NFT boom – Ecomi is another great one that doesn't get enough attention.. it Has the biggest names in Movies / comic book industry , names known world wide.. Disney was the latest license they acquired, Its a Billion dollar market cap and Ecomi trading under a Penny .. the VeVe metaverse is going to be huge.

DeFi plays , AclehmyPay ( on Coinbase ) – this is Another Low Cap that will perform insanely well. if you saw the news recently there is a boom starting with Payment gateway solutions, Alchemy Pay is the pioneer of the world's first payment gateway solution to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto economies…. going to be another Great winner. Im super bullish on Defi as DeFiPulse . com is Showing TVL locked up at all time highs…. meaning a DeFi super cycle gonna start.

XYO Oracle ( on Coinbase ) (Microsoft, Harmony one , Chainlink , Fed-Ex , Has massive partners and big backing )

Assemble Protocol – ASM ( its on Coinbase ) , ASSEMBLE Protocol is a blockchain-based global point integration platform, another DeFi protocol that will perform great. All of these are CHEAP and have Big room For Growth.

There you go, Hate all you want, But these Will be Winners. But as always do your own research into them ✨

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