If you ever needed proof that the online gaming community hates NFTs, just read the replies from this reddit thread about Square Enix.

There was a thread regarding the lackluster sales of the new game Forspoken and how many small and mid sized titles were not performing as expected according to Square Enix.

However, the top comment latched onto something else entirely:


This has over 1800 karma at time of posting and nearly all of the replies are saying how much they hate NFTS, NFTs need to die, are cash grab etc.

Whatever your feelings regarding NFTs are, don’t be so naïve as to misunderstand the online gaming presence hate for it. Any mainstream game with blockchain will not succeed in the current games industry.

A few comments:



Link if you are interested in reading more: https://np.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/11nmlqa/square_enix_says_forspoken_sales_have_been/jbnusb2/

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