I should start by saying that I am 100% not invested in any random shitcoins or memecoins ESPECIALLY Dogelon Mars! I guarantee that I don't have to read the whitepaper or DMyOR to know it's going to be a trash tier waste of time.

And yet despite that SHIB, with the same ridiculous handicaps, still managed to surpass the market in the short term on pure greed and hype as well as people's ignorance of how high the coin can realistically go (their sub still thinks it can go another 10x or 100x in complete ignorance of how much money would need to be invested to reach those values).

So I'm making a prediction today that should Dogelon Mars actually do the, what should be, impossible and become listed on Coinbase I will immediately drop everything and move a large chunk of my portfolio onto it because it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of which means it is practically guaranteed to make money.

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