Hey guys. I bought in into the Squid Game scam. Don't be like me.

I heard about this token a week ago and I went to do research. What I found? 1000x evidence that this was a scam, but I was intrigued.

I thought, let me put 10$ in this just for funnies. I got around 661 SQUID.

As the days went by, I started seeing it climb, 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$, 30$, and I was thinking… Imagine if I can take this money out. Of course I knew that I wouldn't ever take the money out, I was fully convinced of that, but it was fun to see it happen.

Couple of days later, I go to check the SQUID price and it's at 2000$. I was like wtf? 2000$ times 661 SQUID is 1.3 million dollars. I was a crypto millionaire.

5 minutes later it crashed down to nothing, but the 10$ wasn't for nothing.

I'm now able to say I was a crypto millionaire at some point of my life.

REMINDER: Don't ever put money on scam coins, always do your research and be careful on what you invest. I was fully aware of this scam.

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