I studied the trades based the top 10 cryptocurrency by marketcap.

This is an analysis into the result (return on investment) of buying and selling based on just the ranking of marketcap. The data is from coinmarketcap so ranking may be slightly different.

This is how I did it.

  1. data downloaded for everyday since Jan 1st, 2017
  2. all stables are removed
  3. a “pair” of buying and selling is based on if the asset is in top 10 (buy) and falls below top 12 (sell) the reason is because is because I wanted a bit of buffer for random fluctuations.
  4. for something like ETH that was top 10 since day one and never fell below than the sell date is the last day I have data on which is 4.29.23

I’m going to paste the table result in the comments so not to make this too long.

Here is a graphical view. ranked by highest median return and lowest frequency.


The frequency is how many times the assets has gone in and out of top 10. The number next to it is the median return.


  1. using this strategy the mean return is 480% return.
  2. Interestingly if using this strategy things like LUNA had only -58% instead of -99% so there is a merit here I think in terms of protection.
  3. once the assets does in and out more than 2 times the results become not as good. In other words once an asset has a history of going from top 10 and dropping below 12 more than twice its probably a good idea to avoid it.
  4. One thing I did not do here and would be interesting to see is to DCA for every week an asset is in the top 10 and exit when it falls out.
  5. There are more down than up however the outliers seem to be more than make up for it.
  6. this should not be taken as advice; its only a trend and does not guaranteed it will work this way so use at your own risk.

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