Well, the first of November is here. The SafeMoon Squeeze that was supposed to happen today has been crickets. "But Why?" You may ask. Because crypto cannot be squeezed. We are not the stock market. This is not r/wallstreetbets.

All these squeeze and organised pump days literally never work. I'm part of many crypto communities and all at one point this is tried, and it never works. All this does is create false hype and disappointment when the day inevitably comes.

I cannot believe that these posts about an organised squeeze were allowed to go on as long as they were. You would have the same 5-10 people posting extremely low-effort photoshop posts trying to make this thing happen. What is further appalling, however, is how the official SatoshiStreetBets twitter page openly talked about and encouraged this event.

If you believe in a project, then natural growth is the best thing that can happen. SafeMoon is up a couple hundred percent this past couple weeks alone, so why is a squeeze day even necessary? Be grateful that the team finally managed to get the wallet out and have gotten their act together this past month. I'm a SafeMoon holder myself. I don't have a huge bag, but I believe in the project. Are there better projects currently out? Sure. I'm in those too. But you have to admit that what SafeMoon is doing could be interesting.

This is what, the third time that r/SatoshiStreetBets has tried a SafeMoon pump day? Why do you keep repeating yourselves? Every single time it has failed.

The moderators of this subreddit really need to do a better job of regulating what goes on here. If you really believe in SafeMoon, then promoting these pump days is the worst thing that you can do. Actions speak louder than words. Let the team keep putting out projects and then, if successful, the price should rise voluntarily.

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