I'm not OG by any means, I've been here only from 2017. But I remember learning from here a lot. Bunch of techical posts and comments I didn't understand, that pushed me to learn more. The narrative was different. It was why the blockchain is needed, and of course about the decentralization. Moons degraded this sub. Everybody is posting the same things all the time that majority wants to hear. Techical analasis are so rare. I cannot remember when I found the new and interesting project here. And now LRC. It is everywhere, in every comment. Vitalik was speaking about it year ago that it was his favourite L2 solution (because of the decentralization). This GME thing is just riding the wave. There are numerous nft projects, but this is GME and the pump and shilling follows. How much is this really different from doge and shiba shills?

Edit: for people asking why it has a comedy flair. I didn't want to be a hypocrite and farm moons while criticizing moons.

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