I been in crypto since 2017. I got into it during the top back then. Was just a poor college grad, so I didn’t have much to lose. Luckily as crypto crashed in 2018 I landed a nice paying job. I was putting 90% of my pay check into crypto up until mid 2020. Buying btc at 3k and eth sub 100. I bought Chainlink at 30 cents. A few other good entries too. Sadly I also had a big portion of my shitfolio in XRP, but tbf it had some fair returns in 2021.

I sold my portfolio in Feb 2021, a bit too early. And as you guessed, everything ran up 2-3 X higher after I sold. I told myself I wouldn’t look back. And that we were entering a long bear market. I had about 700k at that time. All of it put into Anchorrrrr. Quit the job too like a fool. And as you already know 2021 was a double bubble.

Later, in November that year btc reached new ath’s, followed by a correction. I thought a major alt season was on the rise. “I just need a 2x to make up for what I missed out on.” I still remember that one night, at the intersection in my car at a red light. It was midnight and I was the only one there. Looked at my phone and saw -50% across the entire crypto market. It was all downhill from there.

Not everyone wins. In order for you to win, someone must lose. Who here is from the 2017 era still hasn’t “made it”? Am I the only one? Like a child held back a grade? I’m still here, it was painful. My portfolio was near Ath’s recently, but not quite. The bull isn’t exactly guaranteed. I been learning TA for the past few years and listening about how the markets work. But I’m still here, for now.

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