When I was in undergrad 2017, I was lucky in that a friend told me to purchase crypto about 3 months before it absolutely went nuts. During this time, I purchased alot of different coins that would eventually die out, but one of the coins i bought happened to be binancecoin (that i purchased only for the lower fees.)

Turns out that binance coin went off while i wasn't paying attention lol. I pulled it out of the binance account into a different account that I made and it's just been kinda sitting there.(the other shitcoins were too small in value to pull out)

i'm wondering if there are other things I could be doing with it.

What can I do to profit further off this coin? What would you do? How much of it should i set aside for taxes?

i'm a grad student now so its not like im making any money.

Edit: Damn this community Is popping. Thanks for the advice everyone. Will read all of them and do research before I make any decisions 👍

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