I have been on this sub for quite some time and never took advice from any of you. I’d rather follow the DYOR method and the ‘If CC says go left, go right’-method which sometimes paid of quite good.

Ever since the whole FTX debacle I kept seeing the most important advice pop up over and over: PUT YOUR CRYPTO ON A HARDWALLET/LEDGER. And so I did. I bought a ledger and took all my crypto off the exchanges and it feels SO good.

Binance/crypto.com/Coinbase acting suspicious? I don’t care. Exodus and Metamask implementing weird shit? I don’t care. It’s not my concern anymore since my crypto is safe and sound on the blockchain and inaccessible to anyone but me.

Thank you guys! Thank you for keeping that advice on repeat and stating just how important it is. So far for the compliments…because the rest of your advice still sucks and nobody knows shit about fuck.

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