I have been dreaming about it for a long time now. How great would it be to earn and own little chunks of the games we love to play? What really get's my mind going, is whether or not they can break into the actual gaming community.

For the current markets I have been keeping an eye on (MANA, SAND, AXIE, ILV, SPS, etc, etc,), I believe some will see pumps that will be short lived. I have done some deep diving into a lot of titles and they don't show enough promise to pull in players and keep them going long term. Especially since player base is what will drive the popularity.

The biggest hurdle for crypto games is going to be releasing a viral title that can compete with mainstream developers. Ultimately, it will be actual game studios who need to carry this industry. I don't see them batting an eye at the crypto space unless there is absolutely a reason for them to. The only way to draw out the big boys, is by dropping a title popular enough to scare them into the competitive field.

Then we will be sitting in the waiting wave #2. We will have to wait for the larger dev teams to produce something that actually rocks. They will be showcasing awesome projects, similar to what we see with Iluvium, but the first impressions will not be an indicator to the attention that the games will receive. It will all come down to the gaming community responses and reviews.

Then, it will happen. Usually on a title we least expect to soar to the top and captivate masses of people. The next title for people to fiendo it up on like a bunch of gaming crackheads. Only, it will be unlike any other game because all of the typical time investment games command from the consumer will actually pay off and give purpose to the player. I can't wait for it.

TLDR – Early coins might pump a bit. Big game devs will enter the scene and prospective coins might pump a bit. Big devs find the G-spot of games, then those game coins will go to the moon!

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