Hello, I would like to hear your opinion regarding the situation around the HLPT (hypeloot) token. To begin with, I want to share my experience and feelings about this project. I think the project has reached a standstill where nothing is happening, the marketing has failed in my opinion, and the project is losing perspective. Today, I posted the following messages in the Telegram group and was blocked. I believe I didn’t say anything wrong, so I’ll post them all here for you to judge whether they deserved to be blocked or if the admin team just can’t handle relevant questions and constructive criticism in a polite manner.

Just to add context, the admin responded with arguments like “we added slots.”


Can someone competent tell me in which direction this project is going to move? I feel that the pre-sale is standing still, the daily capital inflow is minimal, and I feel that the marketing is very weak. At this pace, the pre-sale will end in at least a year, and even that might be too optimistic, but I’m starting to feel that this might be convenient for someone.

P.S.: Feel free to explain this to me and change my opinion.


I feel that the only way they are trying to raise more money is through the NFT competition, but as we can see, even that is not helping anymore. I understand that the creators have set some plan, but I think it is important to consider that plans do not always work out as expected and need to be adjusted. I believe there would be no shame if the pre-sale ended earlier, even if only 40% of the supply is sold, because I am concerned that if this continues, this project will fade into oblivion.


This argument is just a weak band-aid for the fact that the project is currently stagnating, and I think the community on which this project is basically founded deserves to hear something more.

So these were the messages for which I was blocked. If any of you are in the hypeloot Telegram group, you can look them up, provided they haven’t been deleted.

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