Is there any easy way to buy and send cryptocurrencies the same day? Centralized exchanges such as coinbase / binance / kraken get accounts on 14 days holds after you buy crypto there. Paxful is the good solution, but what I exactly mean, I am looking for the way where the average person who has no clue about crypto can get crypto easily with only few clicks and send it to another crypto address, so the process need to be easy & fully automated so unexperienced person won’t be confused. I would appreciate the correct and detailed answer.

I’ve used xcoins and bitpay ( Not to be confused with bitbay) and it seems to work, but ratio is not 1:1 meaning for 1000 usd i dont get 1000 worth of crypto, but 4-12% less. Do you know any solution which would avoid high fees and would let me to buy and send crypto asap?

Thanks in advance.

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