How to buy YooShi for Newbies: 1. install Trust Wallet on your phone, 2. create a new wallet (read and understand.), 3. buy Smart Chain BSC in Trust Wallet (it should be on the list, if there isn't – turn it on by clicking on slider icon and searching there, 4. in the same way turn on YooShi BEP-20 token – it will show just next to the Smart Chain BSC token you just bought, 5. go to the DApps tab and find PancakeSwap in Popular section, 6. connect your wallet and your BNB balance should loud up, 7. in the second slot select a currency and search for YooShi, add it manually (if there isn't go to CoinGecko, search for YooShi, in Info section you'll find Contract address, copy it, go back to PancakeSwap and paste it in the search box, YooShi shows up, add it manually), 8. go to the settings and set slippage tolerance for 12-15%, 9. set the amount of BNB for you want to buy YooShi or just click on MAX (best), 10. Swap BNB for YooShi, after swapping close the Pancake tab, YooShi will show up in your Wallet in a minute – CONGRATS! ?

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