In late 2020, a friend of my introduce me to the world of Cypto. It took me a few weeks of researching what was it all about and the various coins on the market. I made my 1st purchase in Doge on Feb 3rd 2021 at around $0.04 (FYI I miss my initial entry in Dec 2020 when prices were below 1 cent as I was still not comfortable in investing in Crypto) and subsequently into Shiba Inu, Safemoon, …etc. I have to be frank I was quite lucky in a sense that I got in early before the real pumps came in and overall made 10x what I put in after offsetting the losses in some shit coins and con jobs (using the 4 points written below).

Along the way I refined the basis of of my entries after going into Wall Street Bets and subsequently by chance into Satoshi Street Bets. It was here that I came to set up my personal “Crypto Investment Philosophy” or “CIP” as I would like to call it

1) Coins with real world utility or striving towards it;

2) Coins backed by Strong Communities (hardcore);

3) A team of dedicated founders and developers; and

4) Good trading volume

Along the way I notice a frequent person posting known as Little Eagle and little did I know that that person was actually David Gilbert the founder of this group until subsequently (FYI I was scanning daily through this reddit group and a couple of others for coins meeting my 4 criteria) so one day he mentioned that he wanted to come up with his own brand of Coins with some utility of a margin trading Dex so I decided to keep in view the developments.

As the weeks pass by in 2021 and more details were released I come to a decision to invest into Derpy and Swap and did the Whitelisting and KYC and participated in Copper Launch (FYI I did not sleep for almost 48 hours by checking the prices every 30 mins as I am very careful of where I put my money into, I even made a forecast of the price decay and it was almost 95% correct and happy to say I bought in at almost the bottom when the volume and prices started deviating from my forecast.). The actual reasons for me to invest was due to the very stringent criteria needed to buy the coins and the reasoning David gave which was not like those pump and dump coins where whales swoop in and then sell, rekting the small fishes. I studied the entire whitelisting process, search on Diamond Hands Consulting Pte Ltd, the Law firm appointed, …etc

And so the journey started, along the way certain elements of the Margin Trading Dex were altered and deadlines were pushed but it was all explained in a transparent fashion and boy did the evolution of the utility products evolved into a more sophisticated product then what was initially mentioned. Over the months the numbers of Wen Moon/ lambo boys came down and the telegram group was left with a group of dedicated investors. Its frankly very heartening to see David and the developers continuing to build over the crypto winter. The money gained during presale is still around and not rugged and you can check it in the blockchain yourselves.

Around late 2022, David came and told us that he had won a lawsuit against the fake SSB coin. I took it up and started searching for whatever information that is publicly available and came across the court proceedings at the New York Circuit Court, the name of the Judge, the Trademark applications and the various jurisdictions the Trademark has been applied for. This put me in a position where my trust in David and the team has risen up a few notches as you know litigations are not a small matter and to have the dedication to see it through and win makes it even more admirable especially is that it was won in America where there is a lot of bias towards crypto recently with operation chock point 2 in progress. I have to admit that I have been interested and invested in this project way before the 99% who came in recently and have seen the progress made over year.

To those new investors, currently the progress of the Charting Platform is in its final Beta form and quite a number (more then 50 of them as far as I am aware) of the regulars at the SatoshiSwap telegram has been testing it although I do feel a tad disappointed not to have been one of them but hey thats life and you can’t always be at pole position. As for the Dex as far as I know is that it has gone through 2 audits and is almost ready to be integrated with the Charting Platform. I read thoroughly through the 1st Audit Report and the minor issues found.

Overall the final product is almost coming to fruition and the bull market is almost upon us, its like Crypto spring at the moment and the products and integration is almost on hand. You should really go read up at and for more information related to the 2 coins.

(Disclaimer: The above is NOT I repeat NOT financial advise and YOU SHOULD always DYOR before investing into any financial product not only in Crypto but others such as Stocks, Insurance, ETFs…etc).

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