I saw my portfolio lose about 65% of its value and not once I was tempted to sell. I was lucky enough to at least take some profits during the “good times” so it is definitely easier for me to hold my bag.
What I can not do, is buying. I have some disposable cash, I believe that crypto will find it’s permanent place in the economy and I definitely think its a good time to buy, even if the prices get lower. But I simply can’t bring myself to buy right now.
There are too many unknows for me in the short term. Will my emergency fund be sufficient for the next curve balls we will get? What if I get several unexpected expenses in a row? How much will I pay for energy this year?
Respect to all the madlads out there who take a chunk out of their (relatively small) paychecks in times like these and take that gamble. Some of you will probably be very happy people in a couple years, some will maybe miss that 200 bucks very dearly in a couple weeks, but at least you have the determination I lack right now.

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