I've first started investing in cryptocurrency four years ago. At that time BTC price was exactly like today's ETH. One more reason I am bullish for ETH. In 2017 I've missed BTC ATH as I was skeptical. However, my first early investments have grown my capital, with 90% of that generated in the last two years. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve ‘made it’ by any stretch — there are far more people who are far better off than me in crypto. But I do feel really thankful to BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, and a couple of more coins. Yes, you heard right, I tried my luck a year ago and invested in XRP when the price was only $ 0.25. Actually, I feel like this coin has a future. Well, we'll see.

Not going to disclose exactly how much I initially invested, but it was not a lot at all. In 2017 I was still in college, working some ad hoc jobs. I was just putting a couple of hundred dollars in, here and there. At first, I invested in Ethereum. From there, I fell down this rabbit hole of being fascinated by how the technology works and how I could join an incipient stream of something up a notch. My main strategy through these years has remained the same – long-term investing. At some point, I began not just simply holding my assets, but earning interest on them. I have reviewed a couple of companies like Blockfi, Nexo, Celsius, Crypto.com, etc. Many of them are really good. Also worth noting the Midas.Investments. Right now, it provides me with the highest APYs. However, I don't want to focus your attention on a particular company. The best option here as mostly everywhere else is diversification.

Actually, if not take into account some subtleties, my journey is how it is. Feel free to share yours! I would love to hear what you think of today's market, what coins are you holding, and what is your strategy. Cheers!

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