I like gaming and like defi. But just about every "blockchain game" I've seen has been just a more ponzified knock off of browser games like neopets and trading card games that nobody plays. Everyone says NFTs will be huge for games, but I don't see it. What do they allow us to do that we can't do with traditional tech? We already have cosmetics and marketplaces for those cosmetics. What else is there? Sure it's true they can be used, but what incentive is there for devs to use them and for players to deal with all the wallet nonsense just to get that purple hat or that rare dragon card?

This in my mind just doesn't compare to lots of defi usecases, where defi allows us to greatly improve upon many aspects of our financial institutions. Or give some of the financial tools previously only held by the wealthy to anybody with an internet connection and a little time to learn.

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