$HEGE is up almost 50% to $4.5 million MC since I saw the comparison posts with $KENDU yesterday and FOMO’ed in. As a holder of $KENDU since the early days, I can definitely see the similarities.

If these were stocks, $KENDU would be your large cap blue chip company while $HEGE is the silicon valley tech startup. Both are important to have in your portfolio, but play different roles and have different risk / reward profiles. $KENDU, the large cap established company has a 4-5X upside potential from here whereas $HEGE the silicon valley tech startup has a 100X upside potential. On the downside, $HEGE should be more volatile being the smaller of the two, although it does have great liquidity so maybe not as volatile as expected.

Beyond the price action, there are other similarities between HEGE and KENDU. Both have used a primarily organic marketing strategy and both have a great community to engage with.

Of course both coins are not exactly the same. There are some differences as well. As was pointed out in the other post I read, HEGE’s community seems to be a bit more laid back (although that could just be because it is smaller). KENDU is also a traditional dog coin whereas HEGE has invented a story driven memecoin concept (chapters of the story unlocks over time). I have also found HEGE’s community to be very transparent and helpful. With other coins, when I’m doing research, I have to tiptoe around to ask the needed questions without being accused of FUD. With HEGE, I can just ask the questions and people are happy to answer it. Finally, I am very impressed with the amount of content and technology the HEGE team and community is able to put out. They have AI powered X bots modelled after characters of the story that people can interact with in real-time, a controllable digital puppet rig that they use to livestream, lots of animations and shorts that have come out, and are working on a Hege game.

As a holder of both coins, KENDU has treated me very well and I will continue to HODL. However, I am looking for the next KENDU / 100x and I think HEGE just may be it.

Please make sure to do your own research. Probably the best way is to check out their X and join their Tg.

🌐 www.hegecoin.com

CA: ULwSJmmpxmnRfpu6BjnK6rprKXqD5jXUmPpS1FxHXFy

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